Strex (Norway) joins the Infomedia platform

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Strex (Norway) joins the Infomedia platform

Infomedia is pleased to have added the Norwegian direct carrier billing option ‘Strex’ to its range of direct carrier billing payment options.

Strex Payment brings together the direct carrier billing payment options for all mobile network operators in Norway; Telia, Telenor and ICE, under a single user experience: a flexible, simple and secure payment solution that works for everyone – anytime and anywhere.

The unique proposition of Strex, covering all carriers, means that this connection provides access to 100% of market share in Norway.

“Working with Strex opens the door to the Scandinavian market for our merchants,” said Infomedia CEO Mark Robinson. “This will be the first of several new connections Infomedia hopes to open in northern Europe over the next year and we look forward to working closely with Strex to bring more quality services into the carrier billing market for consumers in the region.”