Infomedia renews integration with Canadian network operator Telus

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Infomedia renews integration with Canadian network operator Telus

Following a series of successful tests, Infomedia can now announce that it has renewed its integration with Telus Canada.

With 16 million customer connections, and 777,000 new subscribers in 2020, Telus is a fast-growing network with excellent carrier billing opportunities.

Infomedia’s unique connection with Telus provides all the functionality of a top class direct carrier billing service including single and recurring billing options, variable pricing, managed SMS receipting, refund API and Infomedia’s proprietary consent to charge gateway enabling merchant-hosted checkout experiences. Telus have also taken Infomedia’s custom build customer services interface and reporting platform delivering operational excellence for consumers and all partners in the value chain.

“We are excited to have extended our Mobile Payments Platform integration with Telus to open new opportunities, functionality and reach,” said Infomedia’s Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Mistry. “Infomedia is pleased to be a trusted partner of Telus and to have taken the lead in testing and deploying the carrier billing platform beyond just the big two mobile phone O/S App Stores.”

With highly competitive commercial terms Infomedia aims to broaden the range of services available to Canadian consumers by attracting new service providers to the Canadian marketplace.

If you are interested in adding carrier billing in Canada to your mobile payments strategy please contact Infomedia